Got a question and you don't see an answer, please feel free to reach out on my contact page!  

Why does it take so long to receive a custom tumbler or mug? 

I am currently working full time so the time frame depends on my job schedule.  Some tumblers will ship out prior to the 4 week timeframe, but there is no guarantee.  Rush orders are an extra $10, however, it will still follow a 2 week time frame to allow for resin curing. Not all items will have a rush option.  

What is your refund policy?

For custom orders, mugs, and tumblers, there are no refunds.  Most items are made to order.  

How can I get my tumbler featured on TikTok or Instagram? 

Just let me know in your order what your IG or TT handle is! I will be glad to post it.  

What is an adoptable tumbler?

An adoptable tumbler is a tumbler that doesn't meet my expectations to be sold and is imperfect in some way that is greater than a normal handmade imperfection.  I will discount the tumbler at least $4. 

Why don't you take color up to the top on a mug or wine tumbler? 

Alcohol ink is toxic and mugs have a tendency to chip over time.  I choose to not take it to the top just in case of chipping and hope to prevent you from accidently ingesting the ink.  Plus I like the look.   

Will you make me a tumbler with a sports logo, movie references, etc? 

Regrettably, I won't.  I know that many other tumbler makers will do it, however I am choosing to protect my shop and myself by not making tumblers that would violate copywrite laws.